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Saddleback Sodbury Sportive 2018

Take on the Hawkesbury Howler Hill Climb

Challenge Ended: August 5, 2018
This year the Saddleback Sodbury Sportive Strava Challenge is a the short, steep Hawkesbury Howler.

The Hawkesbury Howler comes at about 5 miles after the start of the Sodbury Sportive 2018, so get your legs warmed up and give it all you've got and see how you rank in this Hill Sprint.

The Hawkesbury Howler is short so the pain will be brief but the Kudos long lasting, give it some beans!
  • 820
  • 498
    Total attempts
  • 0.7km
  • 60m
    Elevation Gain
  • 8%
    Avg Grade