Strava Climbing Challenge

Climb 8,848 meters (29,029ft) in twenty days.

Challenge Ended: November 27, 2014
In the second edition of the Strava Climbing Challenge, we move from the hills of Britain to take on the world's highest mountain. Strava is challenging you to climb the cumulative elevation of Mt. Everest in 20 days (or less*).

Do you have what it takes to climb 8,848 meters (29,029ft) between November 8th and November 27th? Prove your love of climbing by summiting as many mountains and doing as many hill repeats as necessary to earn the Challenge finisher badge. 

*Some might even tackle the Challenge in one day, a feat known as "Everesting".
  • 46,519
  • 200,837,538
    Total Meters Climbed
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