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Run a 10k this May.

Challenge Ended: May 31, 2014
Strava is challenging you to run 10k as fast as you can.

Unlike a typical 10k race, tackle this Challenge from any location, at any time of day. Skip the travel and the pre-dawn alarm clock. Don't skip the chance to push yourself, and the pace, to see how far you can climb the Leaderboard.

Just pick a safe stretch of road (or trail), record an activity that is at least 10 kilometers long, and see where you stack up against runners across the world.

How it Works: 
Your position on the Leaderboard is based on the fastest average pace of any activities that meet the Challenge goal requirements. The average pace is taken based on elapsed time and includes the entire duration of the qualifying activity (not just the fastest 10k section of your activity).
  • 37,396
  • 371,393
    Total Kilometers Run