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Take a few detours this July.

Challenge Ended: July 31, 2013
Open every month, our mileage training series is there when you need an extra challenge. In July’s version, we’re not only challenging you to ride as many kilometers as you can during the month, we’re also challenging you to deviate from normal routes and explore some new terrain.

Climb that mountain on dirt instead of the usual pavement. Check out that trail you’ve always wondered about to see where it actually goes. Visit the Segment Explore viewer and find something new in your area.

To keep you motivated along the way, there are four milestone achievement badges to be earned. They start at 250 km and go all the way up to 1,000 km.

In addition to putting in the kilometers this month, we also want to hear about your adventures. Show us where the trails have taken you by tagging your Tweets or Instagrams with #thedirtsearch. We'll reward our favorite submissions with some Strava gear.

As a reminder, don't feel compelled to join every monthly distance Challenge. Rest your body (and mind) when needed...
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