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The Marathon Challenge

Run a marathon, as fast as you can.

Challenge Ended: November 2, 2014
Strava is challenging you to run a marathon in a single run, on any day between September 28th and November 2nd. Whether you're registered for a specific event, or starting from your driveway, lace up those shoes and show us what you're made of. 

Complete this Challenge by running 26.2 miles (42.2 kilometers) in a single run to earn the finishers badge and prove you have what it takes to hit your goal. 

Are you running Berlin, Chicago, Melbourne, Amsterdam, New York or Dublin Marathon? Join the event’s Running Race page. You can set a race goal, explore interactive course maps, and see the workouts and long runs of other race participants.

We are just getting started with our Running Race pages, and currently only have a limited number of events created. We will be adding more races in the coming months, so be sure to visit the Running Races gallery when you kick off training for your next big event.
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