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Virtual NYRR Black History Month 5K

Honor and celebrate Black history

Challenge Ended: February 28, 2021
Celebrate the contributions of Black and African American runners through history, including NYRR's founding president, Ted Corbitt, with the Virtual NYRR Black History Month 5K. Complete your 3.1-mile run in honor of Black figures who have been influential in your own community and around the world. You can run the virtual race anywhere, anytime between February 19 and February 28.

This February, use your time on the run to learn more about how the Black community has shaped where you live through your own local monuments, statues, and places of historical significance. Take a photo during your run, share it on social media, tag @nyrr, and use #BlackHistoryMonth. NYRR will re-share your pictures throughout the month.

NYRR is dedicating this month to honoring trailblazing Black American distance runners who have made an impact in the running community and beyond. Start your journey to learn more about these pioneering athletes.

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