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Adam Alter

Adam Alter

2:46 PM on Wednesday, April 10, 2019   •   Edited

No idea if people want to share their stats or not, but my 2nd ebike (Stromer ST2) has been pretty solid so far. Since I've put in some decent miles with it, I thought I'd share, in case anyone was curious:

My Stromer ST2 has 15,264 miles according to Strava, and 15,258 miles according to its own odometer. The on-board computer says it has used 290,592WH, at an average of 19.0WH/MI. To give context, this year it has averaged 23.6mph (says Strava), not that I ride it for ave speed, I slow way down for people on sidewalks and things like waiting on lights to change green, otherwise it'd be probably over 26mph.

I'm 200+lbs. All miles are commuting. I always carry two large bags with tools, gear, and work clothes and shoes. I've beat this thing hard with curbs, and often hopping branches and crap in the road (using shoe clips, it's heavy lol). I ride it on the 105 degree summer days and 15 degree winter days. It's been in water plenty deep enough to submerge the bottom of the motor and crank dozens of times (crazy rainstorms). Multiple times I thought I'd be screwed when I realized how deep the water was getting.

The only thing to ever go bad on it is the front wheel bearing. It still runs and rides like the day I pulled it out of the shipping box, straightened the handlebars and tested it. I haven't even ever had to take it in for a derailleur adjustment. I've replaced the chain X3, cassette, chain ring, and brake pads X2, tires X4, and purged the brake fluid once.

My other ebike was a Focus 350W mid-drive that almost made it to 4k miles before needing its 4th motor. They said they'd replace it under warranty yet again, but I was done with dealing with it and gave it away. They (Focus USA reps) said the bike wasn't designed to handle how hard I rode... 20 mile commute each way (at that time, now only 8) in the heat, with constant stop and go at max assist. It was shredding the nylon gear in the motor and causing other issues as well.

Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself and it blow up on my commute home today lol.