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5:45 AM on Friday, October 21, 2022   •   Edited

Ride with Jelenew—Catch the fall

Join the Jelenew Club. Complete a 2-hour ride during the event to win a Jelenew coupon worth $500.

Catch the Fall. It's designed to keep you moving in to fall.
Before the off-season of cycling, ride in fall and baptize your body and mind.
To grab the world's splendor, enjoy the cool air, bathe in the somewhat warm sunlight, and chase the sunrise and sunset.
Grap every opportunity to improve yourself, #ridewithjelenew. Life is on the road, and freedom is in the wind.

Receive a $60 coupon for completing a 2-hour ride from 10.24 to 10.30.

Women cyclists who ride at least 50km in a single ride have the chance to win a $200 cash voucher—limited to 10 cyclists.
Women cyclists who ride at least 70km in a single ride have the chance to win a $500 cash voucher—limited to 5 cyclists.
Coupons will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis based on Strava's weekly club ranking data.

Publication of the list time and basis:
The winners will be selected on October 31 (Strava data update time) based on the data ranking for the week of October 24 - October 30.

Rules for using coupons:
1. To purchase any product from the Jelenew website (
2. The coupon is valid for purchase within ten days.
3. No cash redemption and no change
4. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions

The final interpretation right belongs to Jelenew