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7:05 PM on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Cycliq Story

At Cycliq, we want you to live your cycling lifestyle to the fullest; to enjoy, capture and share your cycling stories.

We are a company for cyclists, founded by cyclists and we make cutting edge bike cameras with integrated lights.

The concept for a camera with a light was sparked out of a feeling of need. We found it comforting to know that a camera was watching our back during our rides. Thus Fly6 was born. We wanted to make it safer for cyclists to enjoy what is an amazing activity! Ever since, our products have evolved into true lifestyle capturing devices. Whether you're on the road or off the beaten track, Fly6’s and Fly12’s substantial battery power makes them the only HD cameras that can outlast your ride and capture it all.


Fly6 - Your Eyes Behind

Fly12 - Your Eyes Up Front

Our HD bike cameras with integrated bike lights capture your cycling adventures.