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Celebrate Global Running Day - Wednesday

7:30 PM Wednesday
Meet Up Spot Trinity Community Rec Centre
Beginner / Road

++ UPDATE, Wednesday @ 2:28PM +++
a)We are running #RainOrShine
b) We are changing start/end location to Trinity Community Rec Centre (155 Crawford) back area of the main floor.
c) Bag check and coat check is available!

See you soon!
This Wednesday we are going out for a fun run and celebrate afterwards with some beers courtesy of Michelob Ultra.

We'll have two waves on Global Running Day:

1st wave leaves @ 720PM sharp for a 5KM run
2nd wave leaves @ 8PM sharp: run a 4KM or a 8.5KM

If you join the 1st & 2nd wave, you can run up to 13.5KM!

All runners of all paces are welcome to join
No One Left Behind!

At the finish line for the 2nd wave, the folks from Michelob ULTRA will be on site to give you some promotional product. Free of charge but you need to show up for the run :)

Note: runners who are not of legal drinking age will receive non-alcoholic promotional item (while supplies last)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada