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Gravel Film Star Patrol

4:30 PM Friday
Meet Up Spot ROSL
Casual (No-Drop) / Rolling Hills

Join us for a great night with gravel riding, film premiere and drinks! Registration required here:

Danish adventure ultra cyclist Christian Orry has together with award winning filmmaker Jakob Carlsen created one of Scandinavia's first films about gravel cycling. Friday August 28 Christian Orry is in Oslo to join a social gravel ride co-organized by Hans Flensted-Jensen - the founder of Oslo Dawn Patrol. After the social gravel ride all participants are invited to an introduction to the film and the exclusive Norwegian premiere of the film.

Please note: the route includes about 1km of single track where you will most likely have to walk your bike.

We meet at Rouleur Bar & Café for a 2 hour social ride in Nordmarka. Roll-out is 17.00 sharp. You are welcome to leave a bag at the venue while we ride. After the ride Christian Orry will tell us about about the film and we dim the light and watch it together. After the film (30 minutes) you are welcome to hang out, drink a beer or glass of wine and get nerdy about gravel riding with your fellow riders.

What is the film about?
Over three days adventure ultra cyclist Christian Orry rides from the German-Danish border to the northernmost city in Denmark, Skagen. He follows the entire west coast of the Danish peninsula, Jutland.

The 650-kilometer cycling adventure is completed with changing local people, each contributing with a unique knowledge of the areas and nature of the journey. From the Tønder marsh in the south to Thy National Park in the north. From moorland and majestic dunes to wind-blown fjords and the roaring North Sea.

The film is a cycling tale in some of Denmark's most unique terrain, and explores the joys of nature and the various motives for loving cycling – especially the kind that takes place off-road.

The film is currently only being shown at exclusive screenings.

Read more about Christian Orry here:

Oslo, Oslo, Norway