Boston Parks Social Tour

5:00 PM Wednesday
Meet Up Spot Landry's Bicycles
Tempo / Rolling Hills

Passes around three of Boston's most-loved parks in a truly beautiful tour of what the city has to offer. Better yet, bicycles are allowed in the Arboretum, so you can climb and explore to your heart's delight.

Just show up, introduce yourself to others, find someone to ride with and agree on the rules of the ride. Observe social distance guidelines. Then off you go.

Join Event to let others know you will be there.

Use club Slack channel #ride-boston to discuss this event further:

Social speed at 14mph with prompt start at 17:00 to avoid returning late in the dark.

*** Bring proper navigation tools: GPS device, phone app, or cue sheet. Do not rely on others to help you with navigation. They may ride at a different speed than you. *** Bring your 1,000 lumen bright front lights & steady tail lights. Ride on. ***

Starting to & from the parking lot of Landry's Bicycles. Route is at

Get comfortable with car traffic. Take the entire lane on many sections as needed.

*** No leader. Not a CRW club organized ride. Not covered by club insurance. Groups assemble & ride as they see fit. ***

Charles River Wheelers Verified Club
Lexington, Massachusetts