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5:10 AM Weekly on Friday
Meet Up Spot Go Between Bridge Northside (toll Bridge)
Casual (No-Drop) / Mostly Flat

This is a 43km loop that includes two speed groups. Both Groups Meet at the Northern end of GO BETWEEN Bridge at 5.10am and finish at CAFE 63 Boundary Street West End

CAFÉ LOOP GROUP 5.11am departure- no change our normal cafe loop with hit outs on long pocket & the corso and plenty of regroups. Perfect for all and recommended for all riders new to the group. Long Pocket is optional and there is a regroup point at the top of Harts hill and Gladstone hill. We will then roll around the river and head across Kurilpa Bridge. Group Leader – Mark Noble. Expect Ave Speed around 28-30 kph

XTRA SHOTS GROUP 5.10am departure- the same route, the same hit outs but with a little less recovery & shorter regroups - will suit experienced riders who want to push a little harder. You may get dropped but fear not, just sit up and wait for the the Cafe Loop. Group Leader – Steve Lewis . Expect Ave Speed 31-34 kph

There will also be a ROLLING pickup opposite The Regatta on bike path at 5.15 for the Café Loop Group

Cafe: EXPRESSO ENGINE, Turbot St, City

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia