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5:20 AM Weekly on Tuesday
Meet Up Spot Opposite Regatta on the bike path
Casual (No-Drop) / Mostly Flat

With the mornings getting lighter and good numbers we will go back to 2 groups for this ride.

Speed: Fast 36+ km/h average
Departs Bike Path opposite the Regatta at 5.20am

Don't kid yourselves: This ride is a workout and is designed to push some limits and make you stronger. If you drop from the group then simply keep trying or take a shortcut to catch back on (there is only around 20+ on the loop). There is never a good reason to disregard road rules and compromise safety. Know that the ride does look to ease and regroup if a major split occurs due to traffic, lights, pinch points etc
If you still need more punch then put that extra effort into the following segments - Berry Street or the Corso.

Speed: Moderate 34 km/h average
Departs Bike Path opposite the Regatta at 5.25am

Still designed to be a firm workout. This group will stay together and follow the same loop. As per group 1, expect solid efforts on Berry Street & the Corso with rolling regroups after each effort. Follow the pace of the stronger riders. If you still want to go faster then test yourself on the Early Edition

Everyone meets for coffee will be at LOKAL & CO.
6 O'Connell St, West End QLD 4101

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia