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OCP to Conklin (and Back) 25k/50k FatAss

6:00 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot Ontario County Park
Intermediate / Trail

Hey Everyone,
So my Laurel Highlands Training plan suggests that I look into racing a 50k on the weekend of April 8-9. Since there isn't really anything that appeals to me in either proximity or race specificity, some marvelous friends of mine (Hi Sheila. Hello Lopatas) suggested that I throw together a FatAss for that weekend.

And since I have been wanting to put together a RIO Group run, it seemed a fitting idea.

The idea will be to go from Ontario County Park to Conklin Gully and then back. That would make 50k. We can have some level of coordination that allows those only going 1 way (25k) to leave their cars at the finish.

Those going there and back, could initially drive to Conklin and pick up a 1-wayer to shuttle to the start.
The 1-wayers leaving after 25k could manage the coolers/re-supply for those that will then turn around and run back to their cars at OCP.

(Consequently, this would also end up being a preview of a large piece of the Twisted Branch course for those of you who may be considering such a thing!)

Overall, I could probably put 5 more minutes of thought into this to work out some more details. But in the end, besides adding a start time it probably won't be much more complicated than that... but let me know if you are interested and we can do some planning!

So if you want to run some of the gnarliest trails, meet up with some of the folks who have been on the podcast, who will eventually be on the podcast and who listen to the podcast then show up on Sunday April 9th with some water and some snacks and be prepared to have some fun!

There is a Facebook event here: to plan logistics. Please email me at if you are not on FB but are still interested. I will also make sure to do follow-ups here.

Rochester, New York