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Breezy 1K Repeats - 100 Days of Summer, Week 7

7:00 AM Wednesday
Beginner / Road

From Lou Serafini:

This may sound crazy, but I like working out on the track when it’s really hot outside. Why? Because I can take rest and bring water. If you’re doing a tempo run or a fartlek, you don’t get as many breaks. But on the track, you get a break between every interval. So with that, here’s a workout that I love for the summer. When you do it, remember to pack water and drink some in between every rep.

How To Do It:
Start with a short warm-up of 10-20 minutes of easy running, followed by leg drills and a few strides.

3-4 x 1K at 10K pace, 90 seconds rest, 1K at 5K pace, 3 minutes rest.

Remember to set realistic goals for your paces. You should run the reps at your current 5K/10K pace, not your goal 5K/10K pace. Also remember to keep your slower reps controlled. It’s better to increase your pace on the faster ones if you’re feeling good.

Tracksmith Verified Club
Boston, Massachusetts