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Finding the Discomfort Zone - 100 Days of Summer, Week 8

7:00 AM Wednesday
Beginner / Road

From Lou Serafini

Challenging your body to do things that might be comfortable can be a huge difference maker in training. If you do the same thing all the time, you might start to feel a bit stale. So with that, here’s a speed workout that will keep your lungs and your legs guessing from start to finish.

How To Do It:

Start with a 15-20 minute warm-up followed by stretching, drills, and a few good, hard strides.

3 x 400 at mile race effort, 30 seconds rest, 200 at slightly faster than mile pace.

Take 4 minutes between each set.

This workout is short and sweet, but still a challenge. You have to go from running very hard for 400 meters, then quickly catch your breath, walk back to the starting line, and go hard again. To make it easier, really focus on your breathing throughout the workout. If you can keep it under control, getting back on the line for the 200 will feel more manageable. During the 200, focus on keeping your upper body relaxed. You’ll feel the lactic acid flushing in, so again, focus on your breathing and stay strong.

Tracksmith Verified Club
Boston, Massachusetts