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Each One. A Better One. - 100 Days of Summer, Week Ten

7:00 AM Wednesday
Beginner / Road

From Mary Cain:

As we now begin to turn our sights towards the two mile time trial, it’s important to maintain strength––since this race effort is majority aerobic work––while also starting to sharpen our speed.

With this in mind, this hill workout helps with strength maintenance and speed due to the descending length of each rep. Every rep will get shorter in distance, so transitioning gears and picking up the pace with each interval will help you practice tapping into faster speeds.

How To Do It:
Start with your usual warm up, drills and strides.

Four sets of:
60 sec hill @ 2 mile effort
45 sec hill @ 1 mile effort
30 sec hill @ 800m effort

Jog down the hill after each rep. Between sets, take three minutes of recovery before starting up again.

Tracksmith Verified Club
Boston, Massachusetts