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The GBECC Sunday Social

9:00 AM Weekly on Sunday
Meet Up Spot Toby Carvery B73 6SP
Casual (No-Drop) / Rolling Hills

The Sunday Social!

2 groups to suit all riders!

We have a social pack which will go at a pace to suit all riders

We will also have a intermediate group which will do a 40 mile route at an average pace of 15mph

Why not join us

All our rides are planned to start from Toby Carvery Chester Road.

**IMPORTANT** – WHEN YOU RIDE A GREAT BARR & ERDINGTON CC ROUTE YOU DO ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK THIS IS NOT AN EVENT OR A COMPETITION & WE ARE NOT ORGANISERS. Great Barr & Erdington cc and the route creators do not accept any responsibility for injury, loss, and damage sustained by you or any 3rd party and advise you to refer to Strava’s terms and conditions. You can read more about them here
GBECC fitness -
Cycling is a physically active sport. You should always seek advice from your GP before taking up a strenuous physical pursuit such as this. You accept that you do so entirely at your own risk and that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit enough to be able to ride the routes posted on Strava. We understand that people can have off days also and that is why we run a no drop policy across all our groups so don’t be afraid to come and join us.
If you have never ridden with GBECC previously we would only allow people to join the Intermediate ride until your fitness and riding ability is assessed by the lead rider. We only ask people to do this for the safety of the groups riding which is the most important thing.
GBECC ride with care -
Ride with due care and attention whenever you are on your bike. Respect other road users and be patient, this is not a race and there are no rewards for finishing first or fast times. Do not put yourself or others at risk by careless riding - Ultimately, you are responsible for your riding.
GBECC Lead by example when on the road -
Always obey the Highway Code and ride in a manner appropriate. Be courteous and consider other road users, pedestrians and others engaged in a leisure activity such as horse riders. The route may follow country lanes where you will encounter rural traffic users such as tractors, etc. Where necessary ride in single file and according to the road conditions. We also strongly recommend the following:
• RED means STOP. Do not take chances
• Helmets must be worn whilst riding
• Take heed of road traffic warning signs, they apply to cyclists too
• Extend all reasonable courtesy to other road users
• Ride single file on single roads climbs and A Roads to allow traffic to flow
• Anticipate oncoming traffic and ride accordingly
• Be aware of potholes and loose gravel on roads
• Keep a safe distance between you and any riders in front, especially on descents
• Be patient when crossing junctions
• When turning right, always make your intentions clear to road users
• Be prepared for adverse weather and wear/carry adequate clothing
• In hot, sunny conditions drink plenty of water and apply sun protection
• Do not drop litter – use the bins provided or take it home with you. Put it your pocket, under the hem of your shorts or jersey sleeve. Ultimately, don’t litter and give cycling a bad name.
• Do not behave in a manner that may offend others.

GBECC would like to ask all riders to bring the following. We as a group always carry spares but these are for emergencies.

• Helmets must be worn whilst riding.
• Pump or Co2 whichever you prefer.
• Spare Inner tubes.
• Patch repair kit just in case.
• Water bottles
• Gels and any additional food you think you may require

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