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Tractor 828 post-Bowen Bonanza

6:00 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot Hookhams Cnr
Tempo / Killer Climbs

In conjunction with Peloton Events.
Meet Hookhams 6am.
Through Galston Gorge to Dural then to Pitt Town via Pitt Town Rd.
Onto Windsor and Richmond then up the infamous Bowen Mountain.
Back down and across to Sackville to have fine food and coffee at Tractor 828.
Across the Sackville Ferry and up to Maroota then return via Berowra Waters.

One of the best Western rides around.

Open invite for competent riders. Spread the word and get people to RSVP here.

Be there or be a lump of petrified poo.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia