United States Rutland, Vermont

OFFICIAL Premium Rush group.


Strong spelling/grammar skills, a red t-shirt, black helmet, black bottoms, a bad ass chain lock, and a "problem" with no less than three of the following: riding way too much, authority figures, riding way too fast, hucking everything in sight, riding through small businesses, riding way too hard all the time, thrashing everything in sight, riding for the sake of "making those trails pay for what they did," starting fights with cabbies, and you must be diagnosed with a genuine clinical addiction to dirt. (And/or Premium Rush)

Monthly dues due monthly.* Initiation is pretty top secret, but if you can't at least start a fight with a cabbie and then thrash his mirror with your chain don't even bother.

*If you actually have a fixie and can drift like Wiley than initiation and dues are waived. Moreover(!), there's a chance we'd go so far as to pay you to be in our club. But your jeans have to fit - no exceptions (unless you're not a dude).

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