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Bill McCusker

Bill McCusker

1:04 PM on Monday, October 9, 2017

Goal Update

Here's some info regarding my goals for this year plus other comments. How are you doing against the goals posted early this year? And hats of to Fred for his daily riding.

I've been looking at organized multi-day rides for next year which resulted in my looking back at this year. I met my primary goal - I was not sagged in for being too slow. I expect to have ridden over 4000 miles by the end of the year.

But: Life got in the way of completing my planned training before RASDAK. On day 5 of 7 my thighs were really hurting. When there was a shorter route option I took it so I could rest more. My thighs are short in relation to the rest of my body proportions. There is much less muscle there for the weight they have to propel. The good news is that I ended up well prepared for NUMB two weeks later. NUMB was 5 days and had just as much climbing as RASDAK. After NUMB I did not feel ready for the climbs of Ride Idaho and cancelled.

On RASDAK a few riders said I was the fastest trike they had encountered on any ride. On NUMB I was told I was the first trike to keep up with the main group every day and even move up through the group.

After NUMB I took a month of mostly rest then planned to get riding again. It didn't go as planned. My heart rate is now high compared to my power output, blood pressure is higher and the weight is creeping up. The 40 mile loop ride to the park day with the local club clearly demonstrated how much I had lost.

The Catrike Expedition (recumbent trike) continues to be the primary outdoor vehicle. The Barcroft Dakota (recumbent) has spent a little bit of time off the trainer but is back on for now. I don't ride it outside enough to have good low speed stability. When I go out I want to ride not practice at a walking pace. I will be replacing the steering mast and handlebars in an effort to achieve greater comfort and control.

I am fully prepared for cold weather riding but will probably be indoors mostly. The trainer provides power data, I won't be late for meals or my turn to cook, water and restrooms are always available and I can continue watching past episodes of Dr. Who and other shows.

The most important thing I learned this year is that I need a 20 minute warmup. A hard effort too soon results in a heart rate of 85 to 90% of max that does not come down while cycling.

For next year's organized rides I am considering mostly 5 day loop rides in ND, NE and MN; rides not far away that do not have bike transport issues for non diamond frame bikes. Maybe I'll be ready for Idaho in 2019.

Thanks to all Ride Bike Radio Strava Club members for your support and comments.