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Noel Proffitt - THG Cycling

Noel Proffitt - THG Cycling

8:53 PM on Monday, March 5, 2018   •   Edited

RER Long Beach, CA

After three and a half months, 1,760 miles, 43 rides and 149 leisurely hours, I finished riding all the maintained public roads accessible by bicycle in Long Beach. Also rode many private streets I had the opportunity to enter. However, I only rode a fraction of the 220 miles of alleys in Long Beach -- concentrating mostly on the named alleys in the downtown area with dwelling entrances off the alley. All of my recorded rides were specifically for the purpose of the RER project. All rides started from my home with the exception of one short ride on Terminal Island that doesn't have a rideable access from the mainland City.

I tried to ride Long Beach in a rough reverse chronology of how it was developed from the outer 1950's tract housing in. My strategy was somewhat flawed as 1800s era Ranchos, first developed in 1804 are adjacent to 1980s era condos. Nevertheless, I discovered (and read) a tremendous amount about my community, it's history and cultures by traveling all the streets. I never felt unsafe.

I did have to revisit many areas to clean-up missed or overlooked street segments. I enjoyed most clean-up trips they mixed instant nostalgia with route-finding rideverity.

My RER journey was first inspired by a buddy, Shereef, who on a variation of a "regular" ride around Long Beach commented, "I've never been here, even in a car." I responded that there were streets half a mile from our homes that we've never been down. On the same ride, Shereef recalled that a local activist, Justin Rudd, had jogged every street in Long Beach. This struck a chord. I was ready to get off the hamster wheel of regular routes -- segments traveled 100+ times. Riding every street would satisfy my unduly curiosity of other places in my community and give me a new purpose for solo riding. So glad I did.

Google map of compressed ride segments: