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David M.

David M.

7:09 PM on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

RER Regina, SK

I "finished" my RER of Regina back in 2014, but continue to cover new roads as they are built so I can add them to OpenStreetMap which in turn adds them to Strava (or at least used to until Mapbox stopped incorporating them).

At the time I decided to ignore any previous riding and start from scratch breaking my rides into chunks delineated by major roads. It took 73 rides and about 4,000 km including alleys and mall parking lots.

Ride playback:
Individual rides:

My map image was generated in the application QGIS. For a while I didn't have Strava Premium so I needed a way to see my rides overlaid on a map. I came across a project which is a Python script for importing GPX files into a local single file database which happens to be supported by QGIS. The database file ends up being maybe 3/4 the size of the gpx files so it could get pretty big if you use one second recording. My 59,000 km of recorded traces is currently 632 MB. If anyone is interested in setting it up I made some notes when I struggled to get it working earlier this year and could provide some tips. Like you need to use Python 2.x not 3.