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Track Training: #FreddyKruger

7:00 PM Tuesday
Meet Up Spot Manchester Regional Athletics Arena, Sportcity, Rowsley Street, Manchester, M11 3FF
Beginner / Road

This speedwork session starts with 1 mile (4 laps) slightly slower than “interval” pace (around your 10K pace), followed by one lap of jog/walk for recovery. Then, it’s 4 sets of 200m at your “repetition” pace, with 30 seconds standing rest between each effort - do another jog/walk recovery lap of the track after these four efforts. Then, do another mile, at “interval” pace this time (around your 5K pace, so slightly faster than the first mile) - again, follow with a jog/walk recovery lap. Finally, you’re back on 4 sets of 200m at your “repetition” pace, with 30 seconds standing rest between each effort.

If you think it will be too much for you, cut the miles down to 1000m (2.5 laps) - it is a bit of a killer session! (You can thank Sarah Crandon for suggesting it!) The inspiration for the session comes from Lauren Fleshman at https://blog.strava.com/wow-the-freddykruger-9769/

You can find calculate accurate values for your “repetition” and “interval” paces at http://runsmartproject.com/calculator/ .

We will start our “official” warm up at 7:00pm (though feel free to do a few easy laps if you’re a bit early); we will do a couple of easy laps of the track to warm up and then some dynamic stretches starting at 7:10pm. We’ll then get the main session started for 7:20pm. After the main session, we will do a couple of easy laps to cool down and then some static stretching. If you’ve got any favourite dynamic or static stretches, or any ideas for future sessions, don’t be shy about sharing them with the group - we’re always keen to try something new!

For more information about our speedwork sessions and the Manchester Regional Athletics Arena (cost, travel, parking, etc.), see https://www.manyharrier.co.uk/speedwork-sessions

Manchester, England, United Kingdom