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Track: 1200m repeats (30 mins)

7:00 PM Tuesday
Meet Up Spot Manchester Regional Athletics Arena, Sportcity, Rowsley Street, Manchester, M11 3FF
Beginner / Road

This speedwork session will be efforts of 1200m (three laps), with a one-lap recovery jog/walk in between each effort. We will time the session at 30 minutes, so do as many efforts as you can during that time. (Feel free to complete your last 1200m rep if you've already started one!)

You should aim to run the efforts at your “interval” pace, which is around about your 5K pace - you can calculate an accurate value at The session is aimed at improving your aerobic efficiency.

We will start the formal session at 7:00pm with some dynamic stretches - do a couple of warm up laps if you're ready before this. We will then do the main session. Afterwards, we will do a couple of easy laps to cool down and then some static stretching.

For more information about our speedwork sessions and the Manchester Regional Athletics Arena (cost, travel, parking, etc.), see

Manchester YMCA Harriers Verified Club
Manchester, England, United Kingdom