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Group run: White House

6:30 PM Thursday
Meet Up Spot Y Club, Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4JR
Beginner / Road

We meet at the Y Club reception at 6:30pm. After a quick warm up, the Captains will gather the group together for Club Notices, after which we’ll split into sub-groups before we head off on the run.

Each group will run at a different pace and will be led by a club member, so there should always be a pace group suited to you. The number of groups is flexible depending on the number of runners down on any particular night, but we’ll generally have the following four pace groups:

- Group 1: 7.00 min / mile (4.20 min / km) +/- 30 secs
- Group 2: 7.30 min / mile (4.40 min / km) +/- 30 secs
- Group 3: 8.30 min / mile (5.20 min / km) +/- 30 secs
- Group 4: 9.30 min / mile (5.50 min / km) +/- 30 secs

If you’re not sure which group to go in on your first visit, we'd advise starting off in Group 4 and try to work your way up to the next one!

Our routes are generally 6 - 8 miles (10 - 13km) but if you don't fancy running that far, we'll always offer a shorter alternative route of approximately 3 miles (5km).

This week, we’ll head down the Bridgewater Canal as far as the Watch House Cruising Club (a.k.a. “The White House”); we’ll then turn off the canal and head across the Turn Moss playing fields to Longford Park, through Longford Park and then back to the Y Club past Old Trafford cricket ground and Chester Road.

A shorter route option is available by doing an “out-and-back” run down the canal; if you turn back at Throstle’s Nest it is a 5km run, turning back at “the stone bridge” makes for a 10km run.

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Manchester, England, United Kingdom