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2nd Annual Redbeard Rides Escape NY

6:00 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot 69 Jay St
Tempo / Rolling Hills

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Redbeard Ride. There is no leader. This event is for coordinating purposes only.

This Saturday is Escape NY. We will be meeting up before hand and rolling to the start together!

Last year we had a great time on this ride, and this year it will be even better!

We will meet at 6:00AM at the Shop (69 Jay St for anyone who needs to know). We will roll out at 6:15. This should get us to Sakura park by 7:15, a fair split between the start of the 100 mile route and 75 mile.

We will ride out as one group, all the way to the Orchards rest stop, at which point those doing the different routes will go their separate ways. That being said, on a ride like this the group is likely to split. Don't worry, everyone generally comes back together at the rest stops.

Unlike our normal Saturday rides, the shop will not be open beforehand. Please make sure to double check that your bike is in working order, and that you have brought everything you need to enter the event (provided when you picked up your rider packet).

As per usual:

Required: helmet, water, (with Nuun/Skratch/similar), a snack, flat fix kit (2 spare tubes, tire levers, C02 or pump), cash, sunscreen...

A few little rules….
No aero bars, no earbuds / speakers, no bad attitudes!
Be nice & have fun (((;◔ᴗ◔;)))

Hope to see you there!

New York, New York