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The Strava Club

The Strava Club

8:31 AM on Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Stacey Abrams 50k

San Franciscan Frank Chan put the active in activism with his 50 kilometer portrait of Stacey Abrams. Ms. Abrams was Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives and is the founder of Fair Fight Action, an organization that addresses voter suppression. Frank’s homage to Abrams celebrates her role in mobilizing the historic voter turnout in Georgia’s special elections this month and in US elections around the country last November.

Near the end of his act of artistic endurance, Frank stopped for an ice cream. When he got up to finish the run, his legs locked up making for what he described as, “a ragged final mile.” Frank’s takeaway from the run applies well beyond sport: keep moving.

Check out Frank’s run on Strava and give him some kudos: