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The Strava Club

The Strava Club

12:01 PM on Friday, February 5, 2021

See everywhere you've gone, and more map updates

Subscribers have a trove of map features available on the web, and they've just gone through a round of updates.

The biggest change is a brand new Personal Heatmaps page. If you've never made your own personal heatmap, you can use it to visualize everywhere you've ever gone on Strava – where you've already left your mark, and where there are areas you've yet to explore. As well, we think it's just cool for you to be able to view all your workouts and adventures in a single map.

The new interface is similar to what you've already used for Routes, so you'll feel right at home. Along with the new look comes more functionality too, including the ability to show more than where you've ridden or gone on foot, but also winter sports, water sports, or all your activities. Adjusting the time range is easier also, just choose a specific year or "All-time," and the map will update automatically.


For Personal Heatmaps along with the Global Heatmap and Routes, you can now select a satellite basemap or a winter basemap that makes your skis and other snowsports pop.

For Routes specifically, both on the web and on your phone, we've added public transit stops for most areas so you can better plan how you might escape the city and get to the start of your next epic adventure.

We hope you get the chance to play around with these new updates. Let us know what you think, have fun and stay safe!


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