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The Strava Club

10:21 AM on Wednesday, February 21, 2018   •   Edited

7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Days

“Can you handle the physical aspect of the World Marathon Challenge? Doing seven marathons in seven days [on seven continents] - 183 miles is a lot.” This was the conversation JP Caudill was having with himself as he stood on the start line in Antarctica. He ran a 4:07 marathon. One down. Six to go.

The World Marathon Challenge goes from Antarctica to Miami via Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Lisbon and Cartagena. Layered on top of the obvious physical challenge of running that many miles is the whirlwind of changing temperatures, changing time zones and mental exhaustion. For JP there was no question of giving up because he was completing the challenge in honor of his grandmother and raising money for Pancreatic Cancer research.

“I took it one race at a time and tried not to get too caught up in what lay ahead,” explains JP. “In the 5th race of the challenge, a group of us decided to stick together… We helped each other through our rough patches and there was this remarkable sense of camaraderie and community.”

As is so often the case in sport, it was the connection with his fellow athletes that defined JP’s experience. “We crossed the finish line in Lisbon united. This continued right through the last finish line in Miami. It wasn’t just the highlight of the week, but the highlight of my running career.”

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