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The Strava Club

The Strava Club

11:09 AM on Thursday, June 17, 2021

New! See all sports on your 12-week progress chart

You no longer have to be a triathlete to get all your activity data neatly summarized on Strava. Head to the You tab and check out the upgraded Multisport Progress Chart (located at the top of both Progress and Profile). You’ll see that the summary data no longer defaults to cycling, running and swimming. It instead defaults to you.

The sports shown are the sports that you’ve logged on Strava in the last 12 weeks (and only those sports). If you walk, hike and kitesurf, you’ll just see summary charts for your walking, hiking and kitesurfing data. Plus, there’s no longer a 3-sport limit. The chart now sums up every sport you upload. (So yes, if you’ve recorded all 32 available activity types in the last 12 weeks, you’ll have 32 chart filters to swipe through. Enjoy.)

And don’t forget about your friends. When you head to their profiles, you’ll see their 12-week progress charts up top. It’s now easier than ever to learn more about how your community stays active, and get inspired along the way.

How many sport types have you logged on Strava? Here’s your cue to give a new one a go.


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