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The Strava Club

The Strava Club

8:00 AM on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

NEW: Free live location sharing

To better support athletes’ safety and peace of mind, we’ve decided to make Beacon – our live location sharing feature – accessible to everyone, whether they subscribe to Strava or not. Starting today, any athlete in the world can use Beacon for free when they record on their phone.

You can share your live location with up to three people, and they’ll be able to keep track of where you are until you finish your activity. To try it out, go to the You tab and tap the gear icon to open Settings. You’ll find the Beacon tab there and can add your safety contacts before hitting Record in the app on your next ride or run.

Only subscribers will be able to auto-share a Beacon from connected devices like Garmin bike computers or Apple Watch. But we hope that offering a free version of Beacon will help give every athlete more control over their own safety and keep them connected to their community when they need it most.

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