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The Strava Club

4:06 PM on Monday, September 17, 2018

Kenai to Key West: 5,300 Miles on the Run

When you’ve already set the record for the fastest time running from San Francisco to New York City - 42 days and 6 hours for the more than 3000 mile journey - what do you do next? Pete Kostelnick has the answer - go further! Pete is currently almost 40 days into his latest epic run, a 5,300 mile journey from Kenai, Alaska to Key West Florida.

So what keeps him coming back for more? “I think it’s the idea that ultra-running is unlimited,” says Pete. “When I first heard about “ultra-running”, I thought it was odd that it literally means anything beyond the marathon. But I think that’s what makes it great. There are so many new challengers out there for anyone to tackle, that don’t even have to be a race.”

Pete has christened his latest challenge Ke2Key and is taking this at a more leisurely pace than his record setting Trans-America run. “I ran across America in 2016 for a record, and didn’t really get to enjoy anything along the way. Being self supported, you have to stop to enjoy things to stay motivated. I traveled the Alaska Highway with my family in ‘99. It was my favorite trip, and last year it became my “wildest dream.” And now I’m unlocking it—Ke2Key!”

So far so good for Pete, although being self-supported comes with its own challenges. “Running self supported, I have to load up food where I can find it without overloading my stroller. I usually see a grocery store only once every 5-6 days, or 250-350 miles.”

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