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The Strava Club

The Strava Club

4:38 PM on Monday, January 28, 2019

A Marathon a Day, for 100 Days

On December 1st of 2018, Mitsuhiro Ueyama set out on a challenge: to run the full marathon distance every day for 100 consecutive days. What’s even more amazing is the fact that he only started to run seriously last February. Mitsuhiro is a calligraphy artist and endurance running instantly became a way for him to live up to the words he creates. For him running is not about speed, competition or achieving a sub-three marathon. “Running is a form of expression for me,” says Mitsuhiro. “It’s a proof of my existence and endeavors, which I then share through words. Those words bring new work and opportunities, which in turn leads to serving for my family.”

We asked Mitsuhiro, who is 59 days into the challenge, how things have been going so far: “Physically, the first three days were the toughest. I was running normally on day one, but then I got runner’s knee on both legs by the next day. I barely got through day two in eight and half hours by moving at walking pace. Around week two, it also started to get emotionally tough. My legs were in pain and I didn’t have a lot of knowledge in running at that time, so it was a battle against fear, doubt, and anxiety,” says Mitsuhiro. “By the second month, the leg pain started to go away, but you get mentally bored of the same routine. Lap 20-30 is always the worst. I set little rules for myself: ‘I’ll run no matter what from here to here without slowing down’ — as a way to keep the conversation to myself positive. Then by lap 30, my mind clears up and I think back to the reasons why I run, then I get fired up again.”

Having completed over half of his extraordinary challenge, one of the things that has been keeping Mitsuhiro going is the surprise attention he's getting from Strava athletes all over the world.

“I started to rank highly on various leaderboards on Strava because of this challenge, and people I’ve never met from all corners of the world began following me and leaving me tons of supportive comments. Here I am, just a normal guy from Kobe, now getting cheered on by the world. You don’t have to be a pro or an elite — we can all do it if we put our minds to it”

Follow along with Mitsuhiro’s journey:

Mitsuhiro's calligraphy

Mitsuhiro Ueyama

Day one of Mitsuhiro's marathon challenge