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The Strava Club

4:43 PM on Tuesday, May 14, 2019   •   Edited

A Vicious and Visceral 600k

This past weekend, intrepid outdoor photographer Chris Burkard and industrious designer for Specialized Bicycles Erik Nohlin set a new course record on the iconic San Francisco Randonneurs’ 600 kilometer Fort Bragg route.

“I started riding about 6 years ago,” Chris said. “I literally bought a $400 bike from Craigslist to commute to my photo studio and realized that is was pretty much the funnest thing ever.”

Erik and Chris trained together for the extreme distance and Erik, who had done the Fort Bragg route three times previously, created a detailed plan for the two to go after the course record.

“Going really fast means perfect energy intake and that’s usually where I get reckless,” Erik said. “As Brevets are unsupported, you have to meter your own effort and when you do, there’s nothing more satisfying. We even managed to find superpowers enough to get a top-10 fastest time (known by Strava) on a 38 kilometer segment 555 kilometer into the ride.”

Chris is more well known for his inspiring images than his feats of endurance, so we wondered how cycling has influenced his photography.

“For me photography is just about storytelling and you truly have to live the stories you tell in order to have good ones. I feel like whether I’m riding through a place documenting it with an iPhone or my camera it’s all about the visceralness of an experience and I can’t think of any way to make it more raw and real than riding a bike through a place.”

There were doubtlessly plenty of raw moments through the duo’s 23 hours of riding together. Give them some kudos on a job well done!

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Erik Nohlin en-route, shot by Chris Burkard

Chris said he was inspired to get into cycling after seeing an Edward Abbey quote that read, "you will experience more from a place on foot or by bike in 1 mile than 100 miles by car.” Well, Chris must have experienced quite a lot this weekend.