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The Strava Club

The Strava Club

2:53 PM on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Ring of Steall Skyrace

The Ring of Steall Skyrace is nothing short of brutal. This 29km / 18 mile race includes 2,500m/8,200 ft of elevation gain on uncompromising terrain. Not exactly the kind of race your typical Skyrunning novice would jump straight into. But Judith Wyder is no ordinary novice. In only her second Skyrace she sped to a dominating win and course record.

“My race was close to perfect,” says Judith. “I was running with the men from the very beginning and could run fast and keep it calm all the way. In such a race the pacing is so important. For me this part went perfectly well and I could overtake many runners in the last ascent.”

“Running the last 500m I was very happy to have done a great race and also saw I will beat the course record which I was not thinking beforehand.”

This might have only been Judith’s second Skyrace but she is a well-known figure on the orienteering scene, having won multiple medals on the world stage. The terrain was tough but she was more than ready.

“Normally on a Skyrace you have one ascent and one downhill. Here at Ring of Steall we had two ascents and two downhills,” recalls Judith. “The course does have some exposed sections and technical terrain. But for me the most important thing was that there was not any dangerous sections which you couldn’t run.”

Judith taped her ankles for additional stability before powering away from the competition and securing her place in the final of the Golden Trail World Series in Nepal on October 26th.

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Photo: Jordi Saragossa