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The Strava Club

The Strava Club

9:27 AM on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Over 50 updates in 2020 so far

Notice something new? We’ve changed our ways of working to deliver the new features, small tweaks and bug fixes that you - our athletes - have been asking for.

So far this year, we’ve made over 50 improvements, including 4 updates for discovering new routes and 12 improvements to the ways you can analyze activities. We’ve heard your feedback (you’re a passionate bunch) and we’ve finally taken action on 10 of the most requested items in our support forums, including a new algorithm that automatically flags suspicious segment efforts, a tool for cropping activities on mobile and a chronological feed sorting option.

We’ve deepened our commitment to creating an awesome experience for athletes on Strava and letting your feedback guide the way. All of this is just the beginning – in the next couple months we’ll be releasing a whole new look for Routes on the web and some exciting new ways to compete on segments.