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Queens Marathon Group Training #4- 4x2 Mile Repeats

8:00 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot The Unisphere
Beginner / Road

Meetup- 8AM (Use this time to head to the Bathroom, take warmup loops around the Unisphere or the straightaways around the Unisphere)
Group Picture- 8:15AM
Training Run Starts- 8:15AM

Let's take this to the next Level! With the Fred Lebow Half Marathon coming soon, let's continue to log in more quality workouts together!

This is a 2 Mile Repeat Workout. Unlike the 8 Miler Time Trial, this is broken down 2 Miles a piece, using the Shovel. Once you return to the Unisphere upon completion of your loop, use the Unisphere to Recover, this should range from 90 seconds to 2 Minutes. You can also choose to wait for any runners that are performing close to your pace. Please take note that the Clock may not line up with your current repetition since there are separate Start Times.

Suggested Paces
1st 2 Mile Repeat- Marathon Pace
2nd 2 Mile Repeat- Half Marathon Pace, with a Late Kick
3rd 2 Mile Repeat- Half Marathon Pace, with a Surge near the Queens Zoo
Last 2 Mile Repeat- 10K to 5K Pace.

Let's make it another incredible Training Run as we close on 14 Weeks to the Queens Marathon!

Queens Distance Runners Verified Club
New York