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QDR Wednesday Morning Track Session: Juniper Park Track

6:30 AM Weekly on Wednesday
Meet Up Spot Juniper Park- Brennan Track
Beginner / Road

We're back at Juniper!

Please do your best to arrive between 6:30AM/7AM to begin the warmup and start the workout :)

We will divide into two groups, the 5K/10K Group and the Marathon Group.

5K/10K Group- 4x200 Meter Strides, 8x400 Meters @Comfortable to Goal 5K Pace, 4x200 Meters at Mile Pace, Cooldown

Marathon Group- 2x2 Mile- Marathon Pace, 2xMile- Marathon to Half Marathon Pace, 4x400 Meters @10K to 5K Pace

See you tomorrow :)

Queens Distance Runners Verified Club
New York