Wednesday Night Workout

6:00 PM Weekly on Wednesday
Meet Up Spot Saratoga Spa State Park
Beginner / Mixed

Until April we run from R. S. Taylor & Sons Tap Room, all paces, including walkers, are welcome. Please wear reflective gear and carry headlamps or flashlights. Run north on Broadway, run around the Skidmore Loop, and return, roughly 4.5 miles. Option to do second loop.

In the spring/summer, April-October, join Coach John Couch and the Saratoga Stryders at 6 pm every Wednesday at Saratoga Spa State Park near the Stryders bench at the end of the large rectangular grassy field that is closest to Rte. 9 (as opposed to the end near the woods). Park in the lot across from the field, between the field and Gideon Putnam Hotel. This is called the Little Theater Parking Lot. After the workout, feel free to head over to R.S. Taylor & Sons Tap Room in Congress Plaza behind CVS. If not driving, you can run there from the park--run to Auto Museum, turn right where people fill up on spring water, cross Rte. 50 at the light, run behind the YMCA, continue on Railroad Run, and make a right on Circular, left on Federal, which brings you in right behind the brewery.

Saratoga Stryders Verified Club
Saratoga Springs, New York