LGBRC Saturday Ride 12/17: McMean, Metcalf, Silver Creek, IBM, Redmond

8:30 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot 101 West Main Los Gatos
Casual (No-Drop) / Rolling Hills

Metcalf is one of the regular routes. It's a nice climb, pretty scenery, and it has a bathroom and water. This ride's fast and efficient, the idea's to keep it brisk.
New riders will need to sign a waiver.

● Shannon and Hicks
● Bailey just past Santa Teresa
● Metcalf Motorcycle County Park (water and bathroom!)
● Farnsworth at San Felipe (at the Left turn)
● Harry Road at Harry Road (bottom IBM hill) (no more than ~5 min, if you're behind here, you know the way back).

Los Gatos, California