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LGBRC Saturday Ride 4/19: Gran Fondo 4 Hwy 9, Eureka Canyon

7:30 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot 101 West Main St. Los Gatos
Tempo / Killer Climbs

We've been making it a tradition around each month's ides to do a longer route, in league with the Strava Gran Fondo Challenge.

Eureka Canyon is a cool route, that many have heard about but not everybody has done.  It isn't particularly easy to get to on either end, and necessitates the LGCT.  But, since we need miles for this challenge, it serves our purpose both as a destination, and a climb back.

We go up and down Highway 9 to Boulder Creek, and then wend our way to Capitola (lunch break on the beach?), then over to Corralitos, to enter Eureka Canyon.  LGCT only once!

Los Gatos, California