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Peaks Challenge Falls Creek (training ride) - Glasshouse Mtns - Montville (QLD)

6:30 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot Landsborough Railway Station
Tempo / Killer Climbs

Meet-up Address: Landsborough Railway Station (https://goo.gl/maps/ADvjDaaSua72)

Ride leaders: Amanda Reddy, Owen Macphillamy and Mark Skeates

Pace: 25km/h

Description: From Landsborough the climbing ride starts straight away with a 10% grade climb towards Maleny ridge then a loop round to Peachester. Up over Bald Knob back to Landsborough for a cafe break and on to the burgs through Eudlo for the Montville Climb.
South along the ridge, the ride ends with a fun descent back to the start/finish point. Have a big breakfast and bring plenty of food and water for this one!