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Dandenongs loop (Hollywood special) - Peaks Challenge 2019 training ride

7:00 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot Malvern Town Hall, Glenferrie Rd x High Street, Malvern
Tempo / Killer Climbs

Meet up: https://goo.gl/maps/hkpgkj78rHz
Ride leaders: Lee Turner and Ali McCormack
Pace: 8 hour (30km/h +), 10 hour (25km/h+) and 12 hour (22km/h+) pace groups.
Notes: Please arrive at 6:45am for rider briefing. 7:00am sharp rollout.

This route offers a mix of steady and steep climbing – good practice for transitions on climbs and tough sections like the Back of Falls, WTF and CRB.

There are some very steep sections on Hughes St at the crest (up to 20% gradient), riders should pace themselves so they have enough strength to power over this section.