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Palmwoods (QLD) - Peaks Challenge 2019 training ride

6:15 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot Out the front of Ricks Garage (diner), Palmwoods
Tempo / Killer Climbs

Meet up:
Ride leader: Iain Matheson
Pace: 9 hour (approx 27km/h) pace

Please arrive by 6.10am for pre-ride briefing. Roll out of Palmwoods at 6.15am (Park in the main street near the Diner). Ease into the morning through Eudlo and Mooloolah.

Roll through to Landsborough and into the first long climb. Head across to Malaney along the ridge line and down Palmwoods Montvile climb. If you have to go you can head to to the car from here, or turn left and up Hunchy, or back up and down the same climb and finish with a BURGER. Hunchy is similar to WTF at Falls Creek.