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10:49 AM on Tuesday, June 2, 2020   •   Edited

New single day max square (18x18=324 tiles)

Hi folks, two days ago, I made a longer trip to the Dutch Plains:
With this long day trip, I improved a few personal and global milestones:

my longest 24h ride (Rad am Ring 2017) beaten by 25km ✔️
my longest single day ride (Schneverdingen 2018) beaten by 50km ✔️
my largest number of new tiles a day: 4708 -> 5032 tiles (+324)

1,111 km per tile (new distance-efficiency record)
21,82 tiles per hour (new time efficiency record)

Due to the surprisingly high portion (10-15km?) of *very* sandy forest roads, [plus an overall length of unpaved roads of likely 60-80km] my average speed was somewhat (about 1.5 - 2km/h) slower than planned/expected - but still, the time efficiency was good enough to set a new best.

Since I've already expanded my max square from home to 60x60 tiles just 10 days before ( - see second image), I'm in need for new targets to attack now - maybe it will be an Everesting or a one day ride to the Dutch or German coast, we'll see.
For sure it will be a track exclusively composed of tarmac roads - for the time being I'm somewhat fed up with riding offroad with my 25mm tyres (my road bike can't take wider ones, it's a 17 year old frame).