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Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com

Ben Lowe - veloviewer.com

5:18 PM on Monday, June 12, 2017

Improvements/updates to Explorer tile caluclations

Can you guys take a look at the following: https://www.facebook.com/VeloViewer/posts/1149588951813865I've got some new code that can correctly tick off explorer tiles (some used to be missed on very long, straight roads) which runs behind the scenses when you view an Activity's Details, but this opens the door to removing two of the fluffy bits of logic that are currently used in the calculation:1. the 100m buffer around data points. This can be removed completely.2. the 10km limit that is currently used when long straight (with only a data point at each end in the summary map line). Currently any line less than 10km is auto-filled with a data point every 100m to attempt to tick off the majority of these long, straight roads. But it also allows people to game the calculation with strategic pausing and restarting of GPS devices to tick off tiles they haven't actually been through. Reducing this (maybe to 1km) will inevitably mean people who live in areas with straight roads will have to open up the Activity Details page for more activities to get their tiles populated correctly.Comments (ideally on the Facebook post) most welcome.:-)