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Half-Fast Mike JP

Half-Fast Mike JP

9:43 AM on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tile Exploring Grid Overlay Tip

Sharing my route-planning tip in case it's useful to others.

Once I've planned a route using Stravr, for example <https://www.strava.com/routes/9233246> I make a second route in 'manual mode' that traces the grid lines for the tiles I should pass through on the ride. For the above example, this is the corresponding grid route <https://www.strava.com/routes/9233338>

On my Edge 1000, I'll set the 'real route' to display all the time in darkest blue, and the 'grid route' to display in red. In this way, on the Edge's map page I get real-time confirmation that I'm crossing the imaginary border into a new imaginary map tile. I find this motivating, and particularly useful when a road doesn't go exactly where the map suggests - a few times now I've removed the GPS from the bike and climbed up mountainsides to make sure an imaginary map tile is in the bag.

To prolong battery life, I don't normally have route navigation active – I just follow the line on the map. (The battery on my Edge is becoming noticeably weaker and I should start seeking a replacement.) Sometimes I'll turn navigation on to get an idea of how much is left on a particular climb – usually too much – and then turn it back off and HTFU.

I realise this won't suit everybody's devices and riding styles, but I find it helpful.

Half-Fast Mike
Kawasaki, Japan (31x31)