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Canberra's Saturday Bakery Bunch

Canberra's Saturday Bakery Bunch

11:04 PM on Thursday, March 26, 2020   •   Edited

Bakery Bunch on Zwift - this Sat 06:30

Hey, I know it's still possible to ride in the real world with Covid-19, but I'm experimenting with Zwift to see if a group ride can be done well. At this point I have no idea, but I'm going to give it a go.
I've created a "Meetup" at 06:30 on Saturday and uploaded a "Workout" from the ride profile of the real Bakery Bunch route. But I can't provide a link for you to join, so I actually have to invite you. So if you have a Zwift account, use the Zwift Companion app to search for me: "André the Blue Giant" and I'll invite you to the "Canberra's Bakery Bunch Covid-19 substitute"
Assuming you do this, and I invite you, then log into Zwift just *before* 06:30 on Saturday, then choose:
"Join Meetup", then choose "Let's Go". I should appear with a massive yellow arrow above me.
Note: you cannot join a meetup late!
You can watch a YouTube video that shows how to join this meetup, here:
There is something called Discord for voice communication during the ride, but I might save that for next week.

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